What is Activingo?

Activingo, a platform for all, allows users to find local classes, camps, and workshops. Activingo also provides a platform for local vendors to grow and increase their business through the site.

Our Story

Activingo is a marketing platform that connects people with their passion while empowering vendors to highlight their unique skillset to a large and diverse audience.

We started Activingo to bring local activity providers and participants together.

We participated in classes, activities and camps as both childern and adults. We watched passionate instructors share their expertise with their students. Recently, as we scoured the web for local instructors who were the best at their trade, we realized there is no place to connect people and instructors together in a simple "search, sign up, and go" format. So, we launched Activingo.

Our Mission

Activingo’s mission is to bring activity providers and participants together, helping our communities to connect and engage in activities and create memorable experiences.

We are here to help

Activingo is here to help you find the information you need to select activities that are right for you. (We do not endorse the businesses listed in our marketplace. For details, please see our Terms of Use. When considering an activity, here are some details you might find of value. If you have questions, please contact the provider directly, or let us know.


Refund Policy

Ratings and participant reviews

You care, and so do we

We provide listings from those who have a proven track record of providing the highest level of service. We have a built-in rating system allowing participants to provide additional feedback regarding the vendor’s strengths and specialties.

And we use participants ratings and reviews to provide recommendations and assistance to our vendors to ensure successful events. By using an advanced search feature, we ensure that even niche activities receive the proper attention they deserve and help locate the desired audience.

The Team


Cyrus Safavi

The Visionary

Cyrus is our Bay Area native. Born and raised in San Francisco, he loves all things related to the Bay, from the 49ers to the Giants and Warriors. Yet somehow the Raiders were lucky to escape his clutch.

Activingo is Cyrus’ brainchild and he built the team through LinkedIn connections, proving out his ability to find uniqueness in places others see the mundane. Cyrus has a passion for connecting and helping others, which led to his launch of Activingo, and his ongoing affection for his rescue dogs Daisy (a 3-legged Boxer Pitbull) and Jackie (a Chihuahua).

His year of school in Spain and his one-way, two-month backpacking, solo trip to Europe qualifies Cyrus as the second-most senior international on the team, and created his affinity for Barcelona’s football team…err, soccer as we say here in the States.


Lokesh Garg

The Operator

Born in India and transplanted to the US via the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Lokesh is Activingo’s “Chief Problem Solver”. He is responsible for designing and implementing business strategies, plans and procedures for all to follow. If you have a problem or need some help (outside of therapy), Lokesh is your guy.

Upon graduating from IIT, Lokesh needed more schooling and thus attended the University of Wisconsin, Eau-Claire to obtain his MBA. Some would say he ate his fair share of eclairs while in Eau-Claire, but that’s a different introduction. Lokesh brings a host of experience including global commercial and operations experience, reminding us all that he is the one, true international on the team. In leading business transformations, Lokesh instills his LEAN and six sigma black belt and process-driven spirit into others. Despite what Nate may say, Lokesh’s Black Belt proves he is the athlete on the team.

When Lokesh is not working, he is spending time with his family. He is big on creating unique experiences with his family and enjoys going on family vacation, kid’s sport events and is always ready to try new foods.


Nathan Hayner

The Connector

Nathan Hayner was born in Normal, Illinois in the 1980's. He has heard the joke about his birthplace being ironic, as he is "anything but Normal" at least five dozen times.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he began his career in sales, which lead to him traveling all across the United States to build and support new territories. After moving to “the Big Apple” in 2014, Nate began working in the SaaS arena, and gaining experience in customer loyalty, staffing, telecommunications and artificial intelligence driven platforms.

Nate loves bridging the gap between technology and people and excels at bringing new and exciting ideas into the marketplace. When not in the office, Nate is an ardent podcast listener, alternating between the genres of comedy and mystery. He placed highly in a Badminton tournament in the early 2000's at the Badger State Games and is convinced this achievement alone is enough to warrant his belief that he's a top tier athlete.