2 Hours In-Person Ongoing activity Back to Earth: Watercolor Painting Natural Fauna + Animals for Adults for 18 plus Years
$ 375

Activity Date: 3/2/2023

Start Time: 11:45 AM

Week Days: Thursday

Time Zone: EST

Duration of Activity: 2 Hours

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Location: 98 Water Street, , Dumbo, Brooklyn , NY

Going back to earth for inspiration reminds us to love and enhance our relationship with nature and environmental concerns. Watercolor painting is expressive and is perfect for capturing wildlife and fauna.


In our class course: 

  • We will look at subjects for our focus: a tree, plant, flower, fish, or animal in our goal to capture breathtaking portraits of our natural world.
  • Students are welcome to bring in and/or suggest a subject matter to work from and are welcome to bring photos or pictures for inspiration. National Geographic is great for ideas, but we can also provide the subject if you feel overwhelmed!
  • We will begin by sketching our subjects in pencil, being careful of a light touch as our paint is transparent, or we can choose to employ the pencil marks as part of the final piece.
  • We will look at movement and form. How a leaf curls or withers or an animal moves and stretches, the expression in their eyes, ears, or tails.
  • Next, we will move on to working in watercolor painting identifying shapes and forms for color blocking, referencing natural colors or textures: leaves, petals or the eyes of an animal, the feathers of a bird, or the metallic qualities of some fish. The world is our oyster!
  • Learn how to pick and choose the color palette that will help you create the correct mood and tone, to bring out emotionality in your subject. Or look at seasonal tones.
  • Explore different watercolor washes: wet on dry, dry on dry, flat and gradated washes, underpainting, lifting, and layering.
  • Learn how to set your subject in the right background
Requirements / Pre-Requisite:
  • Watercolor Paint + the use of brushes is supplied, along with the watercolor paper.
  • WATERCOLOR CANVAS IS NOT INCLUDED. If you prefer to work on a watercolor canvas rather than our paper, please purchase your canvas and bring it with you to class. We do NOT have these available for purchase at our studio. You will need multiple canvases for a full-class course.
  • Specialty supplies like gloss/ glazes or pouring mediums and glazes are NOT supplied, if you require these materials please bring them with you to class.
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