2 Hours In-Person Ongoing activity Beginner Still Life Painting for Adults for 18 plus Years
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Start Time: 12:00 PM

Week Days: Wednesday

Time Zone: EST

Duration of Activity: 2 Hours

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Location: Creatively Wild Art Studio 98 Water Street , Brooklyn , NY

Examine everyday commonplace objects through painting, capture them in exciting compositions in this inspiring beginner’s painting course designed to encourage observational skills. Study something natural (food, flowers, plants, rocks, shells, skeletons, etc.) or man-made objects: books, vases, jewelry, coins, clothing, pipes, glasses or your favorite coffee mug! Study how these objects each have their own unique surface and texture, for example a transparent piece of glass, a metallic water bottle or the natural skin of fruit or flowers. Learn how to set your subjects in dynamic settings and see how the light reflects them to draw attention to the features that attract you. We will also look at color and how to use self expression to manipulate your subjects into more unique representations. You are welcome to bring to class your own subject matter that inspires or has personal meaning to you. This is a great class for anyone who wants to pick up painting techniques and hone skills and suitable for beginners- intermediate level.


Wednesdays 12:00pm-2:00pm

CLASS COURSE 7 WKS Nov 9- Dec 21


Select a single day as a Trial Class. Please keep in mind if you are signing up for a single class, it is not possible to learn this skill in one two-hour sitting, or complete a painting so please manage your expectations.


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If you're signing up for one single class, please note this will ONLY serve as an introductory class to the media, for those more serious about their art we recommend signing up for a full class course.

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