2 Hours In-Person Ongoing activity Collage Art for Adults for 18 plus Years
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Duration of Activity: 2 Hours

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Location: 98 Water Street, , Dumbo, Brooklyn , NY

Collage Art for Adults | All Levels

Picasso was one of the first artists to use collage as a way of creating innovative art. Our collage class is perfect for adventurers who want to explore unconventional ways to make unique artwork using cool mixed media in refreshing ways, this popular technique finds many expressions. Perfect for all levels: beginner to intermediate or for advanced students looking for new media, techniques, or inspiration! In this course you will:

Discover non-traditional media and found object art to make cool textured pieces with depth and individuality.

Look at unusual materials to make innovative art!Collage generally refers to two-dimensional works created from an assemblage of different materials, although the distinction between collage and assemblage can be quite fluid, we encourage adventure!

Work with recycled materials; magazines, colored papers, newspapers, recycled machine parts, string, fabric, threads, etc, and add paint, pastels, charcoal, and printed text. We welcome students to bring in their own items from the home to include in their creations to give pieces a more personal unique flavor.

Draw images from newspaper clippings or print advertisements, or cull them out from different materials, like photographs, fabric, wood, and even ephemera. Collagers can apply the images to the surface of another work of art, such as a canvas, to create a new single image, use stencils, silhouettes, or the written word and graffiti to add layering.

Explore different collage principles: Photo Collages using photos and pictures, 3D Collage art, decoupage, or paint collage..

Winter I 7 WK COURSE JAN 6-FEB 17

Winter II 5 WK COURSE MAR 3-31


Requirements / Pre-Requisite:

  • Paper, drawing supplies, glue and Acrylic Paint and the use of brushes are supplied.
  • We encourage you to bring in your own personal papers: colored, textured, metallic etc or magazine and newspapers, picture and photos and other materials that inspire you for use.
  • CANVAS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR COURSE FEE. Please purchase a canvas and bring it with you to class, we recommend a medium size canvas to begin with. Canvas may be purchased at your local art store (support small business when you can!). Please note you may need more than one canvas for a full course.
  • A limited selection of Canvas can also be purchased in our studio for $35 and upwards. If you are purchasing a canvas from our studio, payment is due at class time, we do NOT accept IOU’s so please have the exact change with you.
  • Speciality supplies like gloss/ glazes, or pouring mediums and glazes are NOT supplied , if you require these materials please bring them with you to class.
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