2 Hours In-Person Ongoing activity Drawing from the Right Side of The Brain for Adults for 18 plus Years
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Duration of Activity: 2 Hours

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Location: 98 Water Street, , Dumbo, Brooklyn , NY

Drawing increases many of the cognitive functions that researchers typically label as the 'creative' and 'right brained' activities. Research shows through drawing your brain stem can actually get thicker. The idea of the different parts of the brain having specific functions is that when we draw we experience we shift from our usual mode of thinking. Being able to make this shift deliberately and consciously is crucial to learning to draw from observation. The ability to shift thinking modes at will has important implications for thinking in general and for creative problem solving. In this course develop perceptual skills necessary to see things as they really are. With focused tuition and weekly practice , perceptual skills of drawing can be taught in a relatively short space of time so you will be able to render what you see accurately. The focus in our course will be on perception and is beneficial to all skill levels even beginners who feel like they cannot draw! This process takes practice and returning students are encouraged and will be accommodated for.



In this class course we will:

  • Study the basic skills: Seeing and drawing relationships  through perspective and proportion.
  • Learn how to see and draw lights and shadows: “shading”
  • How to identify and see negative space.
  • Drawing as a whole (called the gestalt ) the essential nature of the observed subject, which emerges spontaneously .
  • Explore upside down drawing exercises: Drawing your subject matter upside-down helps students practice recognizing shapes and lines and forces you to draw with the right side of the brain.
  • Exercises in how to see and approach: Edges + contours, negative space, proportion, perspective and using a basic unit as measurement, light and shadow and values.
Requirements / Pre-Requisite:

  • All paper and the use of pencils and pens will be provided. 
  • However we do recommend bringing your own personal notebook so you can practice at home and track your progress.
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