2 Hours In-Person Ongoing activity Landscape Art for Beginners (Adults) for 18 plus Years
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Start Time: 11:45 AM

Week Days: Wednesday

Time Zone: EST

Duration of Activity: 2 Hours

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Location: 98 Water Street, , Dumbo, Brooklyn , NY

Learn how to capture natural vistas like the sea, mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, cliffs, waterfalls, valleys, and forests in wide open compositions including backgrounds and skies or buildings. Students are welcome to bring in photos of their favorite landscapes or your instructor can provide inspiration. This class works really well for beginner to intermediate skill levels.


In our course our main focus will be on the three main categories of landscape painting: pastoral, picturesque, and sublime.


  • Explore the main components of landscape art: color, line, texture, form, and shape.
  • We will learn how to choose an exotic landscape like a desert or a cityscape and include architecture or bridges. The aesthetic value of a landscape is closely linked to its beauty and uniqueness.
  • Learn how to simplify our composition and identify where our focus will be.
  • Work in truthful realism or a more expressive approach. Learn professional tips like brushstroke applications to help you achieve the right emotion you want.
  • Learn how important color is to composition, and how to choose and work with a distinct palette of colors to help tone and mood. The importance of blues and yellows and how earth colors can be used to tone down or warm a cool color.
  • Think about seasonal elements for your vista: winter or spring. Day, sundown, or night.How to add fine art details to give our compositions depth, value, and texture.
Requirements / Pre-Requisite:

  • Acrylic paint and the use of brushes is supplied 
  • CANVAS IS NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR COURSE FEE. Please purchase a canvas and bring it with you to class, we recommend a medium size canvas to begin with. Canvas may be purchased at your local art store (support small business when you can!). Please note you may need more than one canvas for a full course pkg. 
  • A limited selection of Canvas can also be purchased in our studio for $35 and upwards. If you are purchasing a canvas from our studio, payment is due at class time, we do NOT accept IOU’s so please have the exact change with you. 
  • Speciality supplies like gloss/ glazes, or pouring mediums and glazes are NOT supplied , if you require these materials please bring them with you to class.
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