2 Hours In-Person Ongoing activity Oil Painting II: Next Level  ( Adults) for 18 plus Years
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Start Time: 06:45 PM

Week Days: Wednesday

Time Zone: EST

Duration of Activity: 2 Hours

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Location: 98 Water Street, , Dumbo, Brooklyn , NY

This class is perfect for students who have already completed our Beginner Oil Painting Class and want to keep up a healthy practice or work on more personal or challenging projects, but don’t worry, this will still be a relaxed evening of “me time.”  Relax and create fully realized oil paintings, good enough to hang proudly in your home or give as thoughtful gifts. Please note your canvas may take days to dry. Work can be left in our studio during the duration of your course syllabus. Make sure you write your name on your canvas!


In our full class course we will


  • Look at how to get to the most of your tools to add depth and clarity. Oil Painting is a longer process, the paint remains wetter longer allowing you to blend directly on your canvas.
  • Students are encouraged to bring in their own subject matter to work from: photos or still life objects that they have a personal connection with, we guarantee this will give your work a more  personal unique flavor.
  • Learn how to choose the correct palette for your subject matter. It is extremely important to create mood, tone, and emotionality with your subject, be that an inanimate object or a portrait.
  • Choose the right style to capture the mood of your subject: Surrealism, realism, expressive or abstract.
  • Choose nontraditional angles or views for your subject- upshots or 3/4 views and think outside the box! Look at reflection and light and backgrounds and how they affect your subject.
  • Explore how to push work further by the practice of creating values, gradients,s and transitions.
  • Demo a range of exciting brushstroke applications: paint using a dry brush to get more textural effects for highlighting. For this purpose, we will look to master artists, past and present for inspiration and how to employ their techniques in our own paintings.
Requirements / Pre-Requisite:
  • Oil Paint and the use of brushes is supplied 
  • CANVAS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR COURSE FEE. Please purchase a canvas and bring it with you to class, we recommend a medium size canvas to begin with. Canvas may be purchased at your local art store (support small business when you can!). Please note you may need more than one canvas for a full course pkg. 
  • A limited selection of Canvas can also be purchased in our studio for $35 and upwards. If you are purchasing a canvas from our studio, payment is due at class time, we do NOT offer IOU’s so please have the exact change with you. 
  • Speciality supplies like gloss/ glazes, or pouring mediums and glazes are NOT supplied , if you require these materials please bring them with you to class.
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