2 Hours In-Person Ongoing activity Painting Animal Anatomy for Teens for 9 to 13 Years
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Location: 98 Water Street, , Dumbo, Brooklyn , NY

Painting Animal Anatomy for Teens

For Teens 9-12 years old


Studying animal anatomy is an excellent way to hone your painting and observational skills and use a huge variety of painting applications and techniques to create realistic and provocative portraits.Study wild animals like lions, tigers, crocodiles or fish, amphibians, exotic birds, or domestic pets.This is a great class for students who love to paint and animals provide us with a way to look at the world more intensely! This class is also great for students who have already taken a drawing class and want to move into painting.


Sample Class Format

In this course we will:


  • Look at a different animal every week. Students are encouraged to choose their own and work off pictures or photographs that capture their imagination.
  • We will sketch out drawings first before we move on to painting our portraits on canvas
  • Study your subject’s unique characteristics and explore their individuality. How they sit or stretch or move, express themselves - this is great for observational skills. 
  • Capture your subjects in dynamic poses: in action, in profile or 3/ 4 views, from behind, or un-traditional angles, up shots, details or extreme close-ups!  
  • How to capture different types of realistic textures like fur, hair, teeth, claws, fins, feathers, or wings  
  • How to capture the eyes and expressions of soulful animals!  
  • Look at the color and how to use it realistically to create animal prints and unusual textures  
  • Set your subjects in their natural habitats or in stylistic or abstract colorful backgrounds.
Requirements / Pre-Requisite:

All Art supplies are included in course fees.

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