2 Hours In-Person Ongoing activity Still Life Painting From Observation for Teens for 9 to 12 Years
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Activity Date: 3/3/2023

Start Time: 04:00 PM

Week Days: Friday

Time Zone: EST

Duration of Activity: 2 Hours

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Location: 98 Water Street, , Dumbo, Brooklyn , NY

Working from still life is the perfect way to hone your painting skills, capturing everyday objects as accurately as possible. Creating from real life is an amazing way to hone observational skills. When you paint from life, you interact with the subject first-hand. As opposed to using photographs (where visual information is displayed on a flat surface), being able to actually interact with the subject brings us a wealth of information that will enhance our work in a variety of ways. This method provides originality to art that simply cannot be achieved when using a photograph as a reference. For teens new to painting, this course will help you develop confidence and in a few short weeks you will be able to create dynamic paintings on canvas. 

In this course you will:


Sample Class Format

  • Create perfectly realistic representations of what you see.  
  • Explore in depth the essential elements of painting still life everyday objects  
  • Examine color and color mixing, and how to choose your palette to employ mood and tone. 
  • Learn about light, shading, value + texture.  Look at different brush techniques to represent different textures and surfaces: for example reflective metal objects or skin on fruit or fabric.  
  • Hone your observational skills and get more familiar with your own visual perception.  Choose cool views, and unusual angles and transform everyday objects into exciting compositions
  • Students are welcome to bring in their own objects to work from home that capture their imagination or your instructor will provide them.
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