2 Hours Virtual Ongoing activity ONLINE Traditional Drawing + Illustration for Teens for 9 to 12 Years
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Our longest-running popular drawing class is ONLINE hosted live by a professional teaching artist. Perfect for beginner teens eager to learn the valuable skill of Drawing + Illustration! In just a few short weeks, develop confidence + devise strong compositions. This is a perfect beginner's course. Returning students are welcome and will be accommodated for.


Sample Class Format

In this course, we will focus on principle traditional drawing exercises using a combination of pencil, charcoal, or ink These exercises help you learn how to see shape and form, value, and hone observational skills.


  • Learn how to create accurate proportion & linear perspective
  • Develop line, form & tone in still-life arrangements
  • Explore practical exercises on how to draw using the right side of the brain, how to draw curves, use the contour technique & straight line approximation technique
  • Learn the value and the essentials of drawing ellipses, drawing a cylinder, and hemispheres & how to employ horizontal lines & vanishing pointsHow to use cross contours to give your drawings a sense of volume and accuracy.
  • How to use the midpoint establishment to ensure the two major halves of your drawing are accurate
  •  In the final weeks, we will put together all the techniques and work on more ambitious and accurate finished drawings. Real progress takes practice. 
Requirements / Pre-Requisite:
  • ART SUPPLIES are NOT included in your online class fee. 
  • Please visit our Art Supply Page & scroll down the page for the materials list pertaining to your preferred class. We recommend using your local Art Store to support small businesses, or online if you prefer.
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