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You want to express your fear, doubt, anger, frustration, bitterness, and every other kind of emotion that comes to you, and you want a vehicle for doing this. In “Disappear Fear, Find Joy”, I give you the support and encouragement to move through these difficult emotions in a constructive, healthy way. As I listened to my emotions while healing from breast cancer, I deliberately chose a small book in which I could vent with marks, colors and shapes that reflected my emotional state. No one saw what I was doing most of the time, and I needed to keep it private. The paintings are not about good art or bad art. They are about freeing from the notion that one has to be an artist painting pretty pictures. The paintings you make can be with any medium and they are for YOU alone. As you do this for yourself, you will learn more about yourself and your intuition. The more you trust your intuition and follow it through your actions, the happier you will be, I guarantee!


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