36 Hours Virtual Ongoing activity Ableton Live Music Production Course- 201 for all
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Duration of Activity: 36 Hours

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MIDI Tracks and Composing with Virtual Instruments

Simpler – Unlocking the full potential of this simple sampler

Drum Rack – Programming beats, manipulating sounds, chopping up loops, vocals, and tracks – making rhythms from anything. Slice to MIDI

Using and controlling third-party virtual instruments

Grooves + groove extraction

Setting up a MIDI keyboard or drum pad controllers

Getting creative with MIDI effects

Recording Techniques and Introduction to Sound Design

Balancing, introduction to the art of mixing. Group tracks and advanced uses of routing

Introduction to sound waves, frequency, and amplitude

The recording patch in detail, introduction to gain structure

EQ and compression for recording

Foldback, headphone mixes, and latency

Digital, analog, sampling rate and bit-rate explained

Microphones overview and stereo miking techniques

Recording specific aspects of Ableton

Compiling audio takes

Advanced Techniques

Advanced warping – acapellas, classical music and anything without beats!

Multi-track warping

Clip envelopes – creative uses of Ableton’s unique loop-based automation on audio fx, instruments, and midi fx. Easily achieve complex music, sound, and rhythm manipulation

Using all automation types together – creating build-ups and break-downs with complex sounds

Intro to Racks & Chains – powerful hidden features. Layering FX and instruments


These weekly courses start every month or two, so please sign up for the day of the week that best fits your schedule and we will be in touch as soon as possible with the detailed start date upon confirming.

Sundays | 11 – 3

Thursday Mornings | 11 – 3

Thursday Afternoons | 3 – 6p

Sundays at Noon | 12 – 3p

Sunday Afternoons | 3.30 – 6.30p

Sundays | 11a – 6p

Monday Evenings | 7.00 – 10.00p

Tuesday Evenings | 7.30 – 10.30p

Sunday Evenings | 7-10p

Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons | 3 – 6p

Saturdays | 11 – 6

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