4 Weeks In-Person Ongoing activity Express Yourself! Color + Texture Adventure for Adults for 18 plus Years
$ 295

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Start Time: 10:45 AM

Week Days: Saturday

Time Zone: EST

Duration of Activity: 4 Weeks

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Location: 98 Water Street,, DUMBO , Dumbo, Brooklyn , NY

Express Yourself! Color + Texture Adventure

For Adults 18 yrs + over

Explore the wonderful world of color and texture through abstract expression in this exploratory art class. Color is a powerful and vital tool in all art and design- It impacts our moods, emotions, and behaviors and can be a source of information. While an individual's response to color can stem from personal experience, how we respond to our surroundings, and the science of color along with color psychology supports the idea there's far more to it. In this class we will look at color in terms of hue, value, and intensity; quality of pigments and brightness, high-intensity color that is strong and bright or low-intensity colors that are faint and muted. We will discover texture through different paint applications, and look at contemporary master artists for references and ideas. Learn how to use different sized and shaped brushes: from pointed brushes to flat wide brushes and other tools like fabric rags, special knives to scrape with, sponges, and even your own fingers—to put paint on canvas in unique ways. This is an exciting class for students to explore, perfect for beginner to intermediate levels.

Fall Schedule: September- Dec, 2022

Saturdays 10:45am-12:45pm

Sign Up Options:

  • CLASS COURSE 4 WKS Nov 5-26

  • OR
  • CLASS COURSE 4 WKS Dec 3-31 *** NO CLASS Dec 24

  • Single Day Sign ups where available

  • Prorated where class has begun

Art Supplies

  • CANVAS IS NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR COURSE FEE. Please purchase a canvas and bring it with you to class, we recommend a medium size canvas to begin with. Canvas may be purchased at your local art store (support small businesses when you can!). Please note you may need more than one canvas for a full class course.

  • A limited selection of Canvas can also be purchased in our studio for $35 and upwards. If you are purchasing a canvas from our studio, payment must be completed at class time, please note we do NOT offer IOU’s so please have the exact change with you.

  • Paper, drawing supplies, and Acrylic Paint and the use of brushes are supplied.

  • Specialty supplies like gloss/glazes or pouring mediums and glazes are NOT supplied, if you require these materials please bring them with you to class.

Requirements / Pre-Requisite:
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