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What will you learn?

The fastest way to overcome fear— increase confidence, and develop jedi-like mental strength, is to use certain mental training exercises.

Your sensitivity to fear or anxiety is caused by an overactive amygdala; which has been shown to decrease with certain mind-body exercises.

The problem with most “confidence boosting techniques” or “fear” remedies, is that they only tackle one fear or situation. We’re attacking fear at the source… helping you face any intense situation.

We’ve been applying these techniques for years with students in our Advanced Boot Camps and now you can get them yourself in Balls of Steel.


What will you Discover?

A 10 day plan to conquer fear and explode confidence. The simple exercises can be done in less than 30 minutes each day…

A step-by-step method to overcoming approaching anxiety for good, as well as all social anxiety…

A 60 second technique to reset your nervous system and feel like a powerhouse. Do this right before you start your day or right before you go out…

How to strengthen your mental toughness so that you can face any fear or obstacle…

How to stop the “negative thoughts and excuses” from overriding your mind…

“The Power Switch” A simple 7 second technique to give you confidence on demand, when you need it in the moment…

How to stop your emotions from controlling you – this overreacting is hurting your relationships without you even knowing…

The biggest mistake guys make when trying to overcome anxiety and what to do instead…


Self-Paced eLearning

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