50 Minutes Virtual Ongoing activity Absolute Online Training - BODY WEIGHT for all
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The online training at Absolute Training is training in mental and physical health. Each period of online training includes 12 exercises, 3 exercises per week for 4 weeks.

Each exercise consists of a mental and physical exercise. The training is suitable for anyone who wants to improve physical ability and health, develop a positive attitude, set goals and work systematically on them every week.

The Absolute Online Training  is accessible through the TrueCoach app, which you can access shortly after registration.

The mental exercises: You get access to 5-10 minute videos for each session, 3 exercises per week for 4 weeks for each period. You can choose to answer the questions and tasks that occur in the TrueCoach app or where it suits you, whether it is in a note book, a computer or elsewhere. You can buy an Absolute Training note book specially made for the training project HERE

The physical exercises: Every workout is 30 minutes of working time including breaks - except for the warm-up, optional finisher and stretches. The total time of each exercise is therefore a maximum of 45-50 minutes total.

Challenges: During each 4-week period, everyone receives 2 challenges that support mental and physical health.

Utensils: The Body Weight program is specially made for those who have few or no utensils. We can do all the exercises without any equipment in this program. Tools that can be useful to have in the program are skipping ropes, light weights, rags, mini-bands.

Coach communication: Takes place through the TrueCoach app and the Facebook group of the season.


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