60 Minutes In-Person One-time activity Pritzker- 8 Weeks STEAM From 29 September to 17 November for 5 to 11 Years
$ 180.4

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Start Time: 04:00 PM

Week Days: Thursday

Time Zone: CST

Duration of Activity: 60 Minutes

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Location: Pritzker, 2009 W Schiller St , Chicago , IL

Our Fall session is dedicated to learning all about chemical reactions. This is one of our most popular courses! We will conduct experiments with invisible ink, color changing, make things foam, float and change color and shape, all that while learning about changes of state, chemical binding, atomic structure, thermochemistry, types of chemical reactions, and more. Our young scientists are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, experiment, and explain their reasoning and problem-solving. As a result, they will deepen their collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills, as well as their understanding and interest in science.


Where: Pritzker 

When: Thursday 

Time: 4:00 – 5:00 pm CST

Dates:  Sept. 29th - Nov. 17th  

Min/Max: 10/12 

Grade: K-5th 

Price: $176 + $4.40 Processing Fee

Requirements / Pre-Requisite:


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