60 Minutes In-Person Ongoing activity Self-Defense for 18+ plus Years
$ 25

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Start Time: 07:15 PM

Week Days: Monday , Wednesday , Friday

Time Zone: PST

Duration of Activity: 60 Minutes

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Location: 1345 Howard Ave. , Burlingame , CA


Whatever your reason to get into Martial Arts, the experience always becomes something much greater than expected. We call it "The Magic of the Martial Arts."


The Experience

We put the martial artist in you. Our method makes the martial arts accessible to the inexperienced and experienced alike. We customize your training experience to match your needs, challenges, and goals. We pride ourselves on our method and we know that you will enjoy it as well.

The Benefits

Our schools host a number of benefits. First, our students will receive more energy and more productivity. If that alone isn't enough there is also increased self-confidence, self-discipline, self-defense, leadership, strength, flexibility, stamina, focus, and so much more.

What To Expect

The first lesson is something very special. Almost every martial artist remembers their first lesson as one of their most exciting moments in their life. Come prepared to experience life as a martial artist and a taste of what kind of benefits that the martial arts can bring. We will guide you through your first steps at our schools.

The first month of training goes by very fast. There is a great deal of positive energy in the first month of training. You will be introduced to the basics of Martial Arts, our amazing community, and our schools (or Dojos) that you will be training at.

The first six months is when our students start gaining momentum and start grasping the basics of Martial Arts. By this point our students have acclimated to their new life in the martial arts. Our students are in shape, confident, and having fun. This is most exciting time in the martial arts journey. For many students have already accomplished so much but know that they have a great deal left to go.


Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday at 715pm PST

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