8.5 Hours Downloadable Ongoing activity Guitar for Square One Beginners for all
$ 190

Activity Date: 9/27/2022

Start Time: 10:00 PM

Week Days: Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday , Saturday

Time Zone: PST

Duration of Activity: 8.5 Hours

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This includes access to all videos, written materials, sheet music and best of all- personal feedback from the instructor on every one of the 20 assignments that are a part of this class!

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Lesson 1: Start with the Basics

-         Introduction to the guitar: how to hold and how to tune a guitar

-         “Smoke on the Water”

Lesson 2: One, Two, A-One, Two, Three, Four…

-         E chord

-         Counting

-         Strumming

Lesson 3: The Folk Song

-         A chord, D chord

-         “Amazing Grace”

Lesson 4: And the Band Begins to Play

-         G chord, Am chord

-         Reading sheet music for guitar players: how measures are written, repeat signs, etc.

-         “Yellow Submarine”

Lesson 5: Floyd’s Chords

-         Em7 chord, A7 chord

-         Changing chords while playing a strumming pattern

-         The E minor pentatonic scale (open chord diagram)

Lesson 6: Take-Off with Tablature

-         Reading tablature

-         A few tab melodies

-         “Leaving on a Jet Plane”

Lesson 7: Whose Blues?

-         Strumming with a swing

-         E7 chord, D7 chord

-         12-bar blues in A with swing strum

-         Learn a simple guitar solo

Lesson 8: Pickin’ up the Pace

-         Getting faster with chord changes

-         “Dead Flowers”

Lesson 9: Fingerpickin’ Good

-         Fingerpicking

-         Revisiting old songs

Lesson 10:

-         C chord

-         New funky strum pattern

-         Capos

-         “What’s Up”

-         Revisiting old songs

Lesson 11: Bonus Tunes!

-         “Vincent”

-         “Wagon Wheel”

-         “Brown Eyed Girl”


Self-Paced eLearning

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