90 Minutes In-Person Ongoing activity Paint Your Favorite People  for Kids for 4 to 8 Years
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Start Time: 03:30 PM

Week Days: Thursday

Time Zone: EST

Duration of Activity: 90 Minutes

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Location: 98 Water Street, , Dumbo, Brooklyn , NY

Young artists who love to paint, learn how to capture exciting portraits of your favorite people: capture their likeness and individual characteristics as you create portraits of your Siblings, Parents, Nannies and Family, Presidents or Pop stars + all the people that you love! You are welcome to bring in your own pictures or photos to work from or your teacher will assign them for you if you prefer. This is an excellent class for young artists who want to practice the art of painting, and study faces and human anatomy. Study color, light and tone, how to capture hair and skin tone and costumes. It's an excellent way to build observational skills and study human anatomy! In a full class course, students will complete several finished portraits on canvas.

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