90 Minutes In-Person Ongoing activity Total Beginner Drawing for Kids for 4 to 8 Years
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Start Time: 03:30 PM

Week Days: Tuesday

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Duration of Activity: 90 Minutes

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Location: 98 Water Street, , Dumbo, Brooklyn , NY

New to art? Learning how to draw is the single most important, first step to start kids on their artistic journey., as well as being essential, it's the tool you need before moving on to more complex media like painting or digital art! Learning how to draw what you see, learning how you see, and capturing what you see on the page will inspire your journey! This class will get kids motivated and keep them curious and inspired and is excellent for developing observational skills and confidence! Perfect for absolute beginners or those who wish to practice the art of drawing. We advise a full class course to really see progress or at least six lessons.


Sample Class Format

  • We will start our course with essential principle drawing exercises where you will learn how to develop techniques to achieve proportion, perspective, line, form, shading, and rule of thirds, using a combination of pencil, charcoal, and inks.
  • Drawing ellipses, cylinders and hemispheres teaches you how to employ horizontal lines & vanishing points and see shape and form, and value.
  • After these exercises, we will apply what we have learned as we move on to drawing from observation where we will capture everyday objects in our own fully realized compositions.
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