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We welcome all levels of experience and offer beginning immersions and workshops.

You can use your Session passes to enjoy Martial / Internal Arts, Yogic Arts, Soul Art, Dance and More.

Yoga Offerings:

Prana Vinyasa Yoga - Prana Vinyasa is a life-realization, embodiment practice & global collective based on the roots of yoga, evolutionary, pathways, the art and science of flow, and tools for wellness for our vitality and sacred earth.

Wild Temple Yoga- Wild Temple Yoga is unique and powerful, dedicated to weaving ancient techniques of the living tradition of Himalayan Sages into modern life and enhancing the connection to nature while fostering self-empowerment, expansion of consciousness, and the radiance of a sage created by Brooke Sullivan.

Journey Yoga- Created by Holly Baade, JourneYoga is a powerful vinyasa flow and dive deep into a conscious inward journey of breath through intelligent physical and energetic alignment. Yoga Mettacine combines the best of many popular styles of yoga to bring you a blended alchemy. 

Yin Yoga- Designed to establish balance in the body by using a combination of longer held Yin poses, gentle movement, conscious breath work, myofascial release techniques and guided relaxation.

Dance Offerings:

Bollywood Fusion- Deep dive dance class where we will fuse the styles of Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Bollywood, Contemporary, and Modern to explore our bodies' natural movements. 

Move like a Muse- A liberating dance and fitness class taught by former ballerina Djamilla Samad - Swedish Royal Ballet, Europa Danse France, Universal Ballet South Korea. Djamilla is here to share the joy and freedom of movement and dance. For mothers and women who want to reclaim their bodies and sensuality while strengthening and toning.

Fitness Flexibility & Devotional Dance- Reconnect with your Body Tap into Raw, Innate Sensuality Come and join former Royal Swedish ballerina Djamilla Samad in a tonifying and strengthening practice that will build your stamina while lengthening the muscle tissue. 

Bellydance- Belly Dance is one of the most beautiful, exciting, and sensual forms of self expression. It is empowering, uplifting, healing, and fun! The typical Belly Dance cabaret (or routine), consists of several different segments, offering a complete glimpse into the dancer's soul. 

Martial Arts Offerings:

Wisdom of the Body- Wisdom of the Body is a biographical training sequence created by Global Martial Arts Allen Pittman that moves us through a set of healing and strengthening movements that is appropriate both for beginning "mettacine movement artists" and also for advanced "mettacine movement warriors"!

Tai Chi + Push Hands- Tai Chi is a philosophy of integration through movement, connecting every joint, muscle, and organ system when practicing the forms.

Bagua- Developed in the early 1800’s and incorporates the ancient principles of the I Ching. Bagua is most often taught as a “circular art, characterized by its spiral, fluid, and defensive movements.

Hsing-I- Pronounced “shin-ye,” this art was developed as an internal art based on the training of ancient Chinese infantry and is highly combative in nature. Hsing-I is primarily linear and a good introduction to Bagua. 

QiGong- The features of this classical traditional Chinese health practice include extended, soft and even movements that flex the spine invigorate the limbs and internal organs.

Kuan Shu- The Ancient Art Of Taoist Boxing, Kuan Shu offers a series of standing-practices that open a doorway in the mind, body and soul for a deep strengthening practice to how the Dao works within form. 

Fighting Monkey Training- FM is a practice that includes a deep study on cross motion analysis and with aim to understand the principles of the human movement, communication and the ageing process.

Kung Fu/ Skills + Drills + Weapons- Experienced students of our Martial Arts Program are invited to study 1:1 and in small groups with Belt and Mettacine Master Teachers in advanced Kung Fu Forms as well as Skills, Drills and Advanced Weapons work - by invitation only.



All apointments for lessons will be induvidually agreed on and pre-discussed with the trainig instructor.

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