90 Minutes Virtual Ongoing activity Martial Arts- Single Session for all
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Start Time: 09:00 AM

Week Days: Tuesday

Time Zone: PST

Duration of Activity: 90 Minutes

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Location: Virtual

Let martial arts be your doorway into Strength + Source-Connection!

Martial Arts Offerings:

Wisdom of the Body- Wisdom of the Body is a biographical training sequence created by Global Martial Arts Allen Pittman that moves us through a set of healing and strengthening movements that is appropriate both for beginning "mettacine movement artists" and also for advanced "mettacine movement warriors"!

Tai Chi + Push Hands- Tai Chi is a philosophy of integration through movement, connecting every joint, muscle, and organ system when practicing the forms.

Bagua- Developed in the early 1800’s and incorporates the ancient principles of the I Ching. Bagua is most often taught as a “circular art, characterized by its spiral, fluid, and defensive movements.

Hsing-I- Pronounced “shin-ye,” this art was developed as an internal art based on the training of ancient Chinese infantry and is highly combative in nature. Hsing-I is primarily linear and a good introduction to Bagua. 

QiGong- The features of this classical traditional Chinese health practice include extended, soft and even movements that flex the spine invigorate the limbs and internal organs.

Kuan Shu- The Ancient Art Of Taoist Boxing, Kuan Shu offers a series of standing-practices that open a doorway in the mind, body and soul for a deep strengthening practice to how the Dao works within form. 

Fighting Monkey Training- FM is a practice that includes a deep study on cross motion analysis and with aim to understand the principles of the human movement, communication and the ageing process.

Kung Fu/ Skills + Drills + Weapons- Experienced students of our Martial Arts Program are invited to study 1:1 and in small groups with Belt and Mettacine Master Teachers in advanced Kung Fu Forms as well as Skills, Drills and Advanced Weapons work - by invitation only.


All apointments for lessons will be induvidually agreed on and pre-discussed with the trainig instructor.

Requirements / Pre-Requisite:


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