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Mastery of Influence:  Master the Secret Language of Influence

Mastery of Influence is a 13 week online course which takes you far beyond the old over used burned out techniques of the past.  Dr. John Oda has spent over 30 years studying psychology and modeling successful sales people making over one million in sales or more..   Did you know after the last three recessions 17% of business did not survive?  74% did not regain pre-recessions profitability over three years, and only 9% came out stronger than ever.  Dr. Oda has model the 9% who came out stronger than ever, now he will teach you to implement this in your own business..  Now you can spend 13 weeks with Dr. John Oda learning new techniques of how to influence others and close 10-25% more of your deals now.

Dr. John Oda was featured in “Meeting the Giants,” working with renowned speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Les Brown and Jay Abraham.   Dr. Oda has been featured as a guest on “Oprah in Friends,” ABC television, and served as a radio host on PBS’ online radio with his own personal development show.  In 2011, Dr. Oda trained three of the top ten business coaches  and the #1 consultant  Dr.  Oda had a 67% closing rate at Business Breakthroughs International and Anthony Robbins Chet Holmes Company. He is the author of two books Connecting with Your Teen  and Life is a Garden.


How to apply the seven steps to influence.

Rapport-building techniques for quickly establishing comfort in communication with your clients.

How to break through fears and limitations which has been stopping your success.

How to understand different personality styles

How to be an outstanding manager and create a success plan

How to use educational marketing and be the expert in your field.


Students must be teachable, and willing to learn NLP to increase their sales and learn how to master your influence skills.

Willingness to push yourself beyond your think and break old habits which has been holding you back, and creating a burning desire to succeed.

Students will learn how to communicate with anyone and gain rapport in  a matter of minutes.



Regular homework assignments, real life practice, supplemental material, and  weekly coaching sessions for groups over three to go over material.

By the end of this course you and you are teachable you will be able to increase your sales by 10-25% or more  within 120 days if you continue to apply these principles.

You will learn NLP skills to increase your sales confidence, and closing rate.

The ultimate outcome of this course is to give you the tools to take charge of every area of your life and teach you to be more productive, and create outstanding results.

Realize how to create a thinking process by using a powerful influence program to create amazing results.




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