Bad Dog Art

March 30, 2021 no comments Activingo Categories Arts & Crafts

As children we were all artists, drawing and making art in our freetime. As we grew into our teenage years we began to lose our artistic ways. There are many benefits of art such as stimulating imagination, enhancing problem solving skills, and stress relief are a few of the many positive effects of creating art. At Activingo, our users are able to partake in a variety of art classes with the sole purpose of unleashing one’s creativity. Bad Dog Arts: is an artist run non-profit arts organization located in downtown Salt Lake City. Bad Dog Arts provides programs for youth, teens, adults and seniors in our community by creating a safe space to engage in confidence-building and highly creative activities in the studio, in the classroom, and across the Salt Lake Valley. At Bad Dog we believe art reflects what is possible and that art can inspire and challenge young people to discover their potential and strive for excellence in all facets of their lives.

Bad Dog Arts mission is to inspire kids, teens, adults and seniors from all cultures to experience the power and freedom to imagine, dare, and create new possibilities, individually and collaboratively, through the creative arts. The mantra at Bad Dog Arts is to imagine, dare, create.

Bad Dog Arts help students gain attributes such as building self-confidence and increasing self-esteem, responsibility and commitment to fulfilling obligations, planning and implementation of a project, beginning to end, teamwork and collaboration, ability to work through a learning curve, building skills over time, innovative and creative thinking, idea generation and conceptualization, ability to revise and redesign, application of math, physics, pattern, design, and visual literacy, reflective and evaluative abilities, & communication skills.

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