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STEAMed Drones

11 JULY 2021

At Activingo we are all about positive and memorable experiences. Drones have taken the world by storm due to their ability to precisely and safely take quality aerial imagery. Drones serve a variety of purposes, such as recreational and commercial photography. Their two basic functions are navigation and flight. To fly, drones consist of a power source, such as battery or fuel, rotors, propellers and a frame. With drones we are able to create amazing videos and photos at the ease of our own comfort. On Activingo, we give our users the ability to partake in an educational drone flying course with the founder of STEAMed Drones, Stevenson Demorcy. Demorcy holds a Degree in Mathematics and a Certification in Education. Demorcy has had the privilege of teaching every grade from kindergarten to High School seniors. Demorcy welcomes you to the launch of United States-based company STEAMed Drones, the best method for developing one’s full potential when drone flying. STEAMed Drones also include drone with the purchase of their class!

The founder of STEAMed Drones, Stevenson Demorcy has developed a unique STEAM-based program to engender a sense of wonder and respect for science and its endless innovations. There programs provide:

(a) Environments that foster creativity
(b) Content material that engages critical thinking
(c) Activities that encourage your students’ social-cognitive skills and help build teamwork.

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