Blue Bear School of Music

11 JULY 2021

Being a kid means living a life of great creativity and partaking in engaging activities that lead to a positive and impactful youth. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age our youth is more plugged in than ever with the rise of technology. Thankfully, Blue Bear School of Music allows children to unplug and be more connected than ever through the power of engaging and personalized music lessons. The Blue Bear School of Music serves a home for aspiring musicians of all ages, music levels, and genres! The school prides itself in being a vibrant community, a place for making, learning, and sharing music. The Blue Bear School of Music also holds a historic background. A Nonprofit organization Blue Bear School of Music was founded as “Blue Bear Waltzes School of Genuine Music” in the summer of 1971 by a rock band called “Wolfgang & Strauss” – “Wolfgang” was a dog, and “Strauss,” two brothers in the band. Before moving to San Francisco to make their fame and fortune (and to found a music school), they lived in Northern California on the Bear River. When naming the school, the brothers Strauss whimsically recalled Johann Strauss’s “Blue Danube Waltz,” substituting the Bear River for the Danube, and the rest is history. For a period in the mid-’70s, when the founding members moved on, Blue Bear was run by a co-operative of teachers and students. In 1978 operations moved from the original storefront on Ocean Avenue to Fort Mason Center, where Blue Bear has thrived and evolved to its current state of more than 850 music-loving students per quarter.

The Blue Bear School of Music offers a large variety of classes and camps at Activingo today. Our users can browse through their storefront and check out the 16 different classes and camps being offered.

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