Ellens Robinson – Vocal Coach

March 23, 2021 no comments Activingo Categories Music, Vocal Coach

The power of one’s voice can hold immense power. One can use their voice to communicate, heal, and create unity. We are happy to present the amazing Ellen Robinson here at Activingo. Ellen is a long time vocalist and musician. Ellen is a Piano Major and after graduating from Manhattanville College she had aspirations of being a musician and teacher. Ellen relocated to the Bay Area in 1976 to begin her career as a music teacher and songwriter while also attending the Stanford Jazz Workshop and JazzCamp West. When Ellen released her debut album, 2001’s On My Way To You, she had emerged as a stand-out on the Bay Area’s burgeoning jazz vocal scene. Ellen followed up with 2006’s Mercy! an album gleaned from performances in Berkeley and San Francisco between 2001-2005.

On Activingo, Ellen offers a variety of notable classes including Swingshift Singers Online Summer Camp which is a daytime singing class for women who want music in their lives. Learn vocal technique, breathing, beginning note reading skills and how to harmonize while singing the songs of Linda Rondstadt. Ellen also offers a variety of incredible chorus classes, small group classes, and one on one private classes on Activingo!

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