60-90 Mins 1-on-1 Consultation on Public Speaking

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There seems to be a belief that if you know English, you’re ready to give presentations.  Many of us have to do them; few have ever been trained how to do them well.  Maybe that’s why we see so many memes about terrible meetings!

The ability to organize material, balance stories vs. data, tell stories well, use all the facets of one’s voice, liven with humor when appropriate, and conclude strongly can make all the difference − be it a staff meeting, a sales presentation, or even a best-man’s/bridesmaid speech.  And the early in life we learn these skills, the sooner we can apply the lesson through the rest of our lives.  Whether you’re speaking to one person or a thousand, hitting the mark with your words = power.

All of that said, public speaking classes are inherently generic.  They have to be; the trainer doesn’t know you.  And if there are 20 people in the class, do the math:  At most you’re getting 5% of their attention.

With coaching, your time is entirely focused on helping YOU reach YOUR particular goals, as we determine in your initial consultation.  Learning is fast, personalized, and more fun.  Also, classes try to teach you while all those other people are staring at you.  Is there anything else you’ve tried to learn in life while people stared at you?  Let’s learn the lessons FIRST, where we can stop, teach, repeat, etc. and THEN put you up in front of groups.

The majority of Milo Shapiro’s clients are business professionals, ranging from CEOs to middle managers to sales reps to entrepreneurs. Some are trying to be better speakers in general; others just want to kick butt at a specific upcoming program.

Numerous others are upwardly-mobile staff who want to be seen as more effective and eloquent at staff meetings to help with their career ambitions. And occasionally, Milo has worked with such varied needs as wedding speeches, eulogies, pageant speeches, and venture capital pitches.

Bottom line: If you’re giving one or more presentation, Milo can help you be at your best.


The initial consultation appointment is where we get started.  There are two parts to this session:

1)  Speaker Assessment:   Milo takes you through an assessment that helps him know what your background with speaking is, what conceptions (and misconceptions) you might have in this area, where your strong points are (so he can work with you on magnifying them), and where your shortcomings are (so he can help you grow there).  Milo often interrupts his own assessments to teach a little based on your answers.  Many people tell him that they learned a lot about themselves from the assessment.

2)  The 4 Steps to Successful Speech Structure: This is a fundamental of Milo’s coaching and, for many, it’s a game changer.  He’ll lay out the whole process for you and, as best he can having done the assessment, try to customize the explanation to your goals.  You’ll never stare at a blank Microsoft Word or PowerPoint screen again as you work the four steps in preparing to speak.


What comes after the initial consultation?

If it’s a fit, you can discuss how further coaching will work together where you will have homework, present to Milo, get feedback, and have you topic-of-the-day.


How does it Work?

Select “Add to cart” and complete your transaction. After registration, Milo will contact you to set up the consultation window that works for both of you.

Please note that the Initial Consultation is listed at 60-90 minutes.  This is because some people go more quickly through the assessment than others.  Likewise, some people ask more questions.  If you and Milo finish in 60, great!  If it needs to take up to the extra 30 minutes, he’ll be with you at the same cost to finish by 90.


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