2Hrs Virtual – Opening to the New You Through Intuitive Writing on Jun 12 at 10am PST

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What an intense time we are living in, but also what an opportunity to TUNE IN! You are changing and evolving constantly, even when you are not aware of it. However, there’s a tendency to hold on to the past and that which no longer serves us. This is due to deep conditioning or patterning we’ve picked up along our lives’ journeys through trauma, family dynamics and old habits. We are not our past. Our past is PAST. We are new each and every second.

In this class we will each take a look at our current identities. Who are YOU? How do you describe yourself to others? What do you believe to be true about you? Words are powerful. What you tell yourself about yourself becomes your current reality.

In order to make a change, we have to first love the parts of ourselves that are unsavory, undesirable and even unhealthy. We have to take a look at the shadow parts of ourselves. When we can be with those shadows, we can also let them go.  After we gently release the stale, stuck and unhealthy parts of ourselves, we make space for fresh, flowing and healthy energy to enter.

In this two-hour class we will use intuitive writing (a form of writing without overthinking, judging, critiquing or overanalyzing), we will:


• Explore our identities. Who are you and how do you describe  yourself to others?

• Look at our shadows. What part of yourself do you tend to hide or hold on to?

• Bring in LOVE. Can you love ALL parts of you?

• Release that which no longer serves us. What part of your identity, lifestyle, daily activities, habits, beliefs can you let go of?

• Open to the NEW YOU. How do you want to show up in the world? What would it feel like to be whole, complete, satisfied, and FULLY YOU? What does this new you look like?

This is likely a life long practice, but participating in the steps above in a group writing setting allows for this process to be witnessed and makes it more ‘real’ for each person. Intuitive writing is a powerful, life-changing tool. Through teaching dozens of these classes, I’ve also grown and developed myself and opened more deeply to who I am. I’d love to share this process with you.

This workshop will be taught by internationally published author, intuit and shaman practitioner, Katherine Jenkins. Katherine is the author of the internationally published memoir called Lessons from the Monk I Married. Katherine was a writer-in-residence and intuitive writing workshop leader at Kalani on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2013. She’s led numerous intuitive writing workshops and international retreats.

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