30Mins 1x Week – In-Person Piano Lessons – Ages 3-5

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$120.00 / month

Kids can learn how to improvise music starting at age 3, and have fun! I aim to develop a kids love for playing music (so that they won’t grow to hate their music lessons like many often do). I do this by showing them patterns and then allowing them to be creative with those patterns and follow their natural curiosities to explore music. Click on the Preschool Piano Lesson page link to find out more about lessons for the little ones!


No complicated contracts or hidden fees – $120 Every Month for half hour lesson once per week. You will be charged every month, unless cancelled.


How does it Work?

Click “Sign Up Now” and follow the prompt to complete your transaction. After the purchase, you will receive a purchase confirmation and an email invitation to discuss and lock in your time slot.


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