30Mins Online Intro Kung Fu Lesson on M/W/F/Sa at 12pm EST

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Booking cost $20.00

Get the most out of your midday break and train alongside Sifu Kevin on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and Sifu Kris on Saturdays.


Sifu Kevin began his Ving Tsun training as a student of Lung Yat Tung in 2012 after moving to Detroit, and has been training ever since, and taking students of his own since 2018.


Sifu Kevin worked in the culinary world before pursuing degrees in physics and engineering. Work in the automotive industry is what brought him and his wife to Detroit. He is now co-owner and Nose at Sfumato Fragrances, an all-natural scent company, and Cocktail Scientist at Castalia, a craft cocktail bar.


When not training or playing with flavors and fragrances, Sifu Kevin enjoys classical guitar, biking around Detroit, and reading.


How does it Work?

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TimeZone : (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Location Title : Detroit Kung Fu Academy

Location Address : Virtual - 48216

Age Group :

day of week class : monday, wednesday, friday, saturday

duration of each class : 30Mins on Mon/Wed/Fri and Sat at 12pm EST

Event Type : Virtual, In-Person

Selected City : Detroit

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