60 Mins Online 1:1 Zenful Zoom Healthy Breathing & Relaxation Session

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Whether your goals are to:

·      Manage stress more effectively

·      Manifest a goal or an intention in your life

·      Breathe in a healthier way

·      Fall asleep and sleep more deeply

·      Manage pain or an illness

A private 1:1 Zenful Zoom Session will be customized to meet your unique needs.

In our session, we will spend time talking together and setting in motion a plan to make the healthy transformation you seek. Afterwards, you will be guided through some wonderfully soothing breathing, meditation, relaxation & visualization guidance.

Despite not being together physically, you will gain all of the benefits of my 1:1 attention I offer all of my clients. This also includes free email support.

How does it Work?

Click “Add to Cart” and follow the prompts to pay. Once paid you will receive an email confirmation and a meeting invite to schedule the private session on a mutually agreed day & time.


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