60 Mins Virtual Session – The Joy Agreememt

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Course Summary

Saying yes to The JOY Agreement is saying yes to,

create, find and attract Joy…

grow, observe and practice Joy…

receive, reveal and accept Joy…

design, dream and discover JOY!


Saying yes to The JOY Agreement is saying yes to walking the path of contemplation,

…being fully present—in heart, mind, and body—to creatively respond to possibilities & opportunities

…supporting our growth as a loving, compassionate being by opening our heart, mind and body to new ways of thinking and acting

…choosing from the many ways of practice – meditation, journaling, observing, breathing, centering, praying, chanting…walking, dancing or even doodling!


Yes, DOODLING! Saying yes to The JOY Agreement is saying yes to, DOODLING!


Throughout the 21 weeks of this program you will receive visual prompts delivered straight to your e-mailbox, that inspire your thoughts to align with the energetic vibration of JOY! Visual prompts initiate communication between right and left brain, when you doodle your thoughts you tap into the wisdom of your subconscious mind and build an ‘alpha’ bridge – a bridge that easily takes your thoughts from “problems” to “solution”. This creates possibilities, rather manifests, “good karma” for ourselves and greater “collective karma” for communities in this beautiful world we call home!


How does it Work?

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