30Mins Complimentary Video on ​Abstract Watercolor Painting “Emotional Color”

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This video is for beginning – advanced watercolor painters and for those working with water soluble or fluid paint media. In a flowing conversation with watercolor, I listen and respond. I don’t think too much. I’m tapping into the subconscious, heart leading mind into action. I start the video talking about how to use color and plan composition while painting what I call “Emotional Color Paintings.” I give you a few exercises: scumbling, charging in color, and making blooms. I then talk about and create a luminous, non-objective painting with abstract forms that evoke nature. When the painting is complete, I cap the experience with a title, bringing it to a close. I call this painting ” Golden Release.” This Emotional Color painting has been a great release for me.

I invite you as the viewer to pose your own questions and find some answers, following shifts toward contentment as you paint.


Recommendations for Emotional Color Painting:

Turn phones off and be sure cats and dogs are relaxed and/or sleeping. Use arches 140 cold press paper and tube paints. Make a border with 3m masking tape. Start on wet or dry paper. I typically start wet on dry paper with a thin color and add thicker color into it. Put a color in one one area and put more of the color again in the same area, double coating to keep wet. Look at paper frequently to see how wet it is. Overall work with thinner mixtures in glossy water, thicker, drier mixtures into the drying surface. To lift lines and areas of color, use a damp, knife-like edge of a synthetic flat 3/4 inch watercolor brush.


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