60Mins Virtual Single 1:1 Private Yoga Sessions for all ages

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Participants will leave with the confidence to independently use yoga in new ways that will cultivate an awareness of one’s self, mindfulness, and the power of human connection. Challenge and confront areas of your life that may be holding you back. With practices to hone your focus, you will create your life and your vitality brightly anew.



–Arrive 5 minutes ahead of start time to get checked in & set up for practice. First time students please arrive 10 minutes early to get registered.

–Bring a mat & towel.

–Bring your water bottle.

–Hydrate! Drink plenty of water the day ahead, the day of, during, and after yoga practice.

–Inform your teacher about health concerns, injuries, pregnancy, etc. Be responsible and take care of your body.

–Ask questions! The teachers and staff are here to support YOU.

–Be willing to try something new.

–Eat light a few hours before class.  It doesn’t feel great to practice on a full stomach.

–Dress for sweat.

–Stay until the end of class.

–Trust us, you smell fine. Please refrain from strong perfumes

-Most important, HAVE FUN!


How does it Work?

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