60 Mins In-Person 1:1 Healthy Breathing, Relaxation, & Self-Empowerment Session

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These highly individualized, soothing breathing, meditation, relaxation, and empowerment 1:1 sessions are for anyone experiencing pain, stress, anxiety, or just wanting to gain a greater sense of health and wellbeing. Each session is customized to meet your own unique needs and goals.

After gaining an understanding of your goals and intentions, we work together to:

·      Learn healthy breathing techniques

·      Fully relax the mind and body

·      Develop visualization skills

·      Implement techniques into a daily practice that can be practiced at home.

We also work together to create and manifest healthy, empowering intentions. You will also receive a customized essential oils blend based on your goals, needs, and intentions.

In between the weekly session, you are encouraged to reach out via email or phone if a question arises, or if you would like any additional suggestions or support. My goal is to teach you valuable strategies and see these incorporated into your everyday life. Each person that comes to me is treated with the utmost of attention and support.

How does it Work?

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