Ableton Live Music Production Course (36-hr Course)

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Let’s Go!

What sets Ableton apart from other DAWs?

Getting set up: Audio and the preferences window

Session view vs. Arrangement view: applications of each

Live concepts: clips / scenes / browser / library

The concept of Ableton’s unique warp engine

Launching clips

Intro to FX

Intro to instruments


Creating With Audio & MIDI

Warping in practice

Quantizing audio

Clips: clip view and clip properties

Making beats with Drum Racks and Simpler sampling

Effects: Live’s effects and using third-party effects

Recording MIDI and live looping

Basic routing and resampling

Automation: creating dynamic changes in your arrangements


DJing and Live Performance

Preparing (warping) whole tracks and harmonic mixing

On the fly DJ effects

Using MIDI controllers effectively / mouse-free control

Bespoke Ableton controllers – Akai, Novation, and Push

Grouping tracks and basic routing

Structuring your sets and using loops

Recording your performance + editing the arrangement view

Bouncing down



MIDI Tracks and Composing with Virtual Instruments

Simpler – Unlocking the full potential of this simple sampler

Drum Rack – Programming beats, manipulating sounds, chopping up loops, vocals, and tracks – making rhythms from anything. Slice to MIDI

Using and controlling third-party virtual instruments

Grooves + groove extraction

Setting up a MIDI keyboard or drum pad controllers

Getting creative with MIDI effects


Recording Techniques and Introduction to Sound Design

Balancing, introduction to the art of mixing. Group tracks and advanced uses of routing

Introduction to sound waves, frequency, and amplitude

The recording patch in detail, introduction to gain structure

EQ and compression for recording

Foldback, headphone mixes, and latency

Digital, analog, sampling rate and bit-rate explained

Microphones overview and stereo miking techniques

Recording specific aspects of Ableton

Compiling audio takes


Advanced Techniques

Advanced warping – acapellas, classical music and anything without beats!

Multi-track warping

Clip envelopes – creative uses of Ableton’s unique loop-based automation on audio fx, instruments, and midi fx. Easily achieve complex music, sound, and rhythm manipulation

Using all automation types together – creating build-ups and break-downs with complex sounds

Intro to Racks & Chains – powerful hidden features. Layering FX and instruments


How does it Work?

After the purchase, you’ll receive a purchase confirmation. If a start date has passed, these weekly courses start every month or two, so please sign up for the day of the week that best fits your schedule and we will be in touch as soon as possible with the detailed start date upon confirming.


TimeZone : (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Location Title : SF Garnish Music Production

Location Address : 6323 San Pablo Ave - 94608

Age Group : Adults (Age 18+)

day of week class : monday, tuesday, thursday, saturday, sunday

duration of each class : 36 Hours

Event Type : In-Person

Selected City : Oakland


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