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Booking cost $120.00

50 minutes weekly, online: $110 monthly / in-studio: $120 monthly

(High-quality art materials are included into the in-studio price. Sibling 15% off)


They are curious and self-confident, open to new ideas, and certain about what they like. They are what many adult artists dream to be.


We find it very important for young artists to know that Fine Art is not about just following step-by-step instructions.

We teach them to create something brand new, using the endless resource of their imagination.


All they need is encouragement and advice, which we are always happy to provide.


Each lesson covers an important art concept, needed for fluent representational drawing and painting. It is combined with short intro to a cultural phenomena: a style, and epoch, or a single artist. Students get to create their original artworks from scratch within the guidelines of the topic. Each topic can be adjusted to a variety of skill levels.


We start a lesson with a short lecture and demonstration (live in studios, pre-recorded for online lessons). Teachers provide advice, help, correct the digital image of a student’s work, explain what works in particular cases and what does not, and why.


This year, we are allowed to open in-studio classes with a reduced number of students, and in stable groups. Therefore trial classes are available online only.


SAN JOSE Class Options (PST):

Sunday 9:45am- 10:35am Teacher Ali

Tuesday 4:45pm – 5:35pm Teacher Ali

Wednesday 3:15pm – 4:05pm Teacher Svetlana

Saturday 9:45am- 10:35am Teacher Gordon


TimeZone : (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Location Title : Art School of SF Bay

Location Address : 700 S Winchester Blvd - 95128

Age Group : Youth teen (Age 5-17)

day of week class : tuesday, wednesday, saturday

duration of each class : 50 mins

Class Start : 10-12-2020

Event Type : In-Person

Selected City : San Jose

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