ArtSpeaks Studio Watercolor Kit

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This is a kit that includes the  critical supplies you will need to get a good start painting with watercolor.


ArtSpeaks Studio Painting Kit

Winsor Newton Watercolor Paints – 10 Colors 5 ml size           ($ 80.00)

Permanent Alizarin Crimson (Cool Red)

Cadmium Red (Warm Red)

Burnt Sienna (Dull Red Orange)

Aureolin (Cool Yellow)

Cadmium Yellow Pale (Warm Yellow)

Winsor Green (called Pthalo Green in other brands – Cool Green)

Payne’s Gray (Cool Gray)

Cerulean Blue (Warm Light Blue)

Cobalt Blue (Cool Light Blue)

French Ultramarine (Cool Dark Blue)

One sheet of Arches 140# Cold Press Watercolor Paper torn into ¼ Sheets        ($ 7.00)


Princeton ¾” Wash Brush             ( $ 10.00)

Princeton #12 Round Brush          ( $ 11.00)

One Watercolor Pallet                       ($ 17.00)

One Color Wheel                              (No Charge)

Total Cost of Art Supplies                (  $125.00)

+ArtSpeaks & Jerry’s Shipping & Handling   ( $ 15.00)

 Total Cost to You   $140.00


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