Assessment and discussion of potential benefits with Jane M. Fraser, Ph.D.

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One idea drives me: workers work in the system; managers work on the system. Your job is to create a system that supports people in doing their jobs well.

I’m an industrial engineer (with bachelor’s degree in math, and master’s and doctorate in industrial engineering). I can help you think about and use techniques and ideas based in systems, models, and decision making, to improve efficiency, quality, and safety. I love data.

I have 40 years’ experience as a professor of engineering and I have won teaching awards. I can explain difficult concepts with great clarity.


How does it Work?

There is One 60min Session. After the purchase, you’ll receive a link to schedule the meeting, during which time we will schedule the free Session on a mutual agreed day and time.


TimeZone : (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)

Location Title : EJB-Partners LLC

Location Address : C/O MSI Inc., MSI - Bonnymede Road, Ste - D - 81001

Age Group :

day of week class : monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday

duration of each class : 60 Mins

Event Type : Virtual

Selected City : Pueblo


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