5Hrs Childbirth Preparation Virtual Class – Sep 11

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Rooted firmly in the belief that childbirth is a normal, physiological experience, this one-day mini-group class will prepare the pregnant person and partner for labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum.


the physiology of late pregnancy

signs + stages of labor

pain coping strategies & labor support

routine monitoring and the risks and benefits of common medical interventions

pain medications

postpartum healing

birthing in the time of COVID-19


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1pm-6pm Eastern Time Saturday, Sep 11, 2021


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TimeZone : (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Location Title : Leigh Kader Childbirth

Location Address : Virtual - 87122

Age Group : Adults (Age 18+)

day of week class : saturday

duration of each class : 5 Hrs

Event Type : Virtual

Selected City : New York

4 reviews for 5Hrs Childbirth Preparation Virtual Class – Sep 11

  1. Karen W.

    As first time parents, we were so thankful to have taken Leigh’s 5-week childbirth education series! We found the course invaluable – Leigh is extremely knowledgeable, engaging, personable, and passionate about all things birth. Her warmth and openness fostered an environment where we felt comfortable asking any question and felt supported with numerous online resources, book recommendations, and community connections. We were also able to connect with other couples expecting around the same time which has been great!

    Under normal circumstances, we couldn’t recommend Leigh’s class enough, but with covid-19 and ever-changing hospital policies/ uncertainty, Leigh really went above and beyond to keep us focused on and confident about how to navigate our birth during this stressful time. We were lucky to have completed the class in person but have since engaged with Leigh a few times virtually as well. She has been an incredible resource as we welcomed our baby boy into the world. We highly recommend Leigh!!

  2. Cassie B.

    I can’t say enough about our experience working with Leigh to prepare us for the delivery of our first child. We had signed up for her one-day immersive birthing class which was originally scheduled to be in person, but due to COVID the class was transitioned to virtual.

    I was a little worried at first at how engaging the class would be since it turned virtual, but it wound up being so helpful, engaging and fun and I would totally recommend her if you are looking for information to help prep you for the big day and the immediate postpartum. Even though it was virtual, it still felt very hands on, and we learned so many great techniques for how to cope with pain (my hubby learned some great massage techniques that are helpful even before you go into labor!), what to expect during labor and what happens immediately postpartum. She also provided a ton of resources and information following the class, and we feel so prepared.

    We loved her class so much that we signed up for her virtual newborn care class which was so much fun! We learned a ton about breastfeeding, sleeping, holding and wearing your baby, and it all now feels so much more manageable. I’ve been having so much anxiety about delivering in the time of COVID and not having support around postpartum, but after taking both of Leigh’s classes I feel like I am so much better prepared and so much more at ease.

    I would highly recommend Leigh’s classes (in COVID times and post-pandemic, whenever this ends!).

  3. Katie H.

    I don’t think I can articulate how helpful the class was beyond what the other reviews already say. I came in knowing nothing about giving birth and was pretty scared, but now I’m looking forward to it and feel so prepared (even for the unexpected). Also, Leigh is funny and entertaining! Although there were many meaningful moments during class, there were also a lot of laughs. My husband and I were both so engaged through all 15 hours, I can’t recommend it enough!

  4. Laura B.

    We cannot say enough how valuable it is to meet Leigh and take her childbirth education classes. We’re having our first child, and in taking the class, we hoped that we’d feel slightly more comfortable with the labor & delivery process and preliminary post-natal experience afterward. However, Leigh gave us so much excellent context, information, tools, thought processes, etc that by the end of our time with her, we felt empowered, capable, and, dare I say, excited for the coming experience.

    Leigh’s classes are methodically organized for the most direct and clear explanations of the various stages / components of labor and delivery and initial post natal experience. Throughout each stage, she provides tools and techniques to help the new parents navigate through whatever situation arises. Additionally, her presentation style is enthusiastic and engaging. More than just teaching you, she also makes you feel supported, encourages questions, and truly listens to you and responds to you with thought. Class time felt like a safe haven, and we left each session more and more encouraged.

    Though we don’t know yet what lies ahead for labor & delivery, we’re more optimistic than ever that, no matter what faces us, we can work through it with Leigh’s teachings. The bonus of making friends with your classmates, who are going through the same situation as you, is also wonderful.

    Bottom line, having a kid can be a pricey and somewhat overwhelming experience, but Leigh’s classes are the best “bang for the buck,” in multitudes of ways, that you can spend in preparation!

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