Coaches’ Cohort 90 Mins Online Mastermind – Discover a faster, easier way to create success!

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$299.00 / month and a $499.00 sign-up fee

Calling any coaches who want your business to thrive, grow, and prosper. This Mastermind is all about coaches, life coaches, health coaches, business coaches, if you coach people this is where you want to be, right now!  The world is transforming and the best way to keep up with that transformation is collaborating with like-minded thinkers all experiencing the same business challenges, and rewards, as you and your own coaching business.

If you’re a neophyte in the coaching biz, you’ll get to drink from the fountain of wisdom with a group of experienced fellows who will teach and support you any way they can. If you’re already an established coach, you’ll get to share your wisdom and experience while learning fresh perspectives and new creative ideas from the group energy dynamic. All in total 100% Service to one another and to the world!


This is an exclusive group whose purpose is –

To assist you with your business and personal success

To lift you up when you’re down and struggling

To continually inspire you with encouragement, creative insights and love

To make you feel good about where you are and help you move towards where you want to be

To kick your butt when you’re not being true to yourself!


Imagine, where could your business go – 

What if you had your own proxy board of directors to help you with those things that nearly all coaches and entrepreneurs face alone? What amazing results could you create with a group of people dedicated completely to your success through unconditional support, encouragement, accountability, and love. Imagine sharing in their success as well!


You will be empowered to –

Reduce stress and anxiety

Think outside the box

Give and receive insights and ideas

Accelerate your growth

Challenge yourself to be the best you can be

Break through and past limiting beliefs as you discover new, exciting possibilities


More about the program:

I am thrilled for your interest in the Coaches’ Combine Mastermind! Your participation in this group can lead to any number of amazing results – new clients, renewed relationships (personal and business), better strategies for your prospecting and promotional activities, financial freedom, andf many more. You will experience these outcomes in a relaxed, confidential setting with 100% Service mindset.


Your group will have a small number of committed members who will come together in a spirit of camaraderie and gratitude with our only intention to assist one another in any means possible to overcome challenges, create new insights, and be a sounding board for everyone to share their most pressing needs. We will meet bi-weekly for 90 minutes (virtually) with a single-minded focus on helping each other in pursuit of our dreams and goals. We will empower one another to own and step into our vision for our life and business, to take consistent action in the pursuit of excellence, and to create a mindset of unconditional service and humility. You will have the opportunity to create a new, better experience of life in a safe environment characterized by love, empathy, and understanding.  And the group meetings are just the most obvious dividend. In order to keep you engaged, I also have additional bonuses to support your meaningful results and transformations.


How does it work?

The investment for the Coaches Mastermind is only $499 as a one-time enrollment fee, and $299/month ongoing as long as you choose to participate. Not only that, I am so confident this program will meet or exceed your expectations that there is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


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