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Why is an Elevator Pitch Important?

The elevator pitch is a concise explanation of who you are, what you do, and what you seek that can be given quickly enough that you have made all key points in the time it would take an elevator to travel from the top floor to the bottom floor of your average high-rise.

You can use your elevator pitch as the basis for your next job interview or potential client pitch, where you’ll have much more than 30 seconds to tell your story, but still need to be organized, focused, compelling, impressive, and memorable.

However, your Elevator Pitch is NOT geared towards a specific job – that would be interview prep. It is prep for discussing with random people how you work, your skills, and the type(s) of opportunity/ies you’re seeking.


Key Components of an Elevator Pitch

You need to introduce yourself in memorable fashion:

Emphasize the benefits you provide or the solutions you offer,

Showcase your uniqueness to set yourself apart from the competition, and

Set the stage to build a new relationship.


Your elevator pitch can be just a few sentences and change slightly every time you give it. Script it, rehearse it, and hone it over repeated delivery among friends. The goal is to stand out from the crowd, be memorable, and be authentic.


The Three Ps

Your elevator pitch should cover the 3 Ps of personal marketing:

Skills you learned through Previous experience and education,

Skills you bring with you to any job or project: Portable or transferable skills, and

Personal traits / Passions: those things that make you who you are and enjoyable to work with.


For example, if you are looking for a job in marketing, your elevator pitch should touch on your previous experience: marketing knowledge, communication skills, vendor management, press and industry relations, web channel marketing, product development, and computer skills.

You should also cover your portable skills: customer focus, communications, writing skills, organizational skills, good at coordination, a team leader, problem solver, project management, excellent follow through, good with budgets and numbers and time management.

Share your positive personal traits: You’re a self-starter, independent, friendly, well-organized, quick learner, have good judgment, a good attitude, are creative, analytical, flexible, have a good sense of humor, and are results-oriented.


Preparing for the Ups and Downs of a Job Search

Your personal elevator pitch is a key tool in helping you land your next job or project. Thirty seconds is all the time you need to make a favorable first impression. Capitalizing on a chance encounter with a corporate executive, a hiring manager, recruiter, or prospective client can open the door to a new job or project.

Use your elevator pitch everywhere: in line for a movie or concert, traveling on pubic transportation, attending a networking event, trade show, or convention. Make the most of every opportunity to tell the world about your career aspirations and unique qualifications.


Remember: The job or client search process is not about you, it’s about what potential employers and clients would want to know about you.


How does it Work?

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