eLearning – 21 Day Detox Program

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21 simple steps to completely reset your physical and mental health. Enjoy the videos for each of the 21 days and get a free copy of my recipe book, Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health


Course Outline:

Day 1 – Pay Attention to What You Are Feeding Your Mind and Body

Day 2 – Get Into a Healthy Routine

Day 3 – Your Body Can Detox When You Feed It Well

Day 4 – Breakfast, Baby!

Day 5 – Move It or Lose It!

Day 6 – Release Toxic Beliefs and Patterns From Your Brain

Day 7 – Celebrate With Dessert While You Detox From Sugar

Day 8 – Detox the Caffeine

Day 9 – Lunch

Day 10 – Do Something You Love that Moves Your Body and Raises Your Spirits

Day 11 – At What Level Are You Vibrating?

Day 12 – Deeper Dive Into Detoxing Your Organs

Day 13 – Superfood Protein Sources for Energizing Detox Support

Day 14 – Mind Your Mindfulness

Day 15 – Detox Supplements and Kits for a Deeper Cleanse Experience

Day 16 – Sumptuous Snacks

Day 17 – Rejuvenating Rebounding and More

Day 18 – Raw is Hot!

Day 19 – The Rejuvenating Power of Forgiveness and Compassion

Day 20 – Fasting for Deeper Detox

Day 21 – It’s time to Celebrate by living a more Passionate Life


How does it Work?

After registration, you’ll receive purchase confirmation, information about accessing this eLearning course within 24hrs and get a free copy of my recipe book, Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health will be mailed to you within 24hrs.



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