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$10.00 / month

Remember all those little padawans who were killed by Anakin Skywalker? That was sad. But lets pretend that you survived with your cute little braided rat tail, and now you’re on your way to becoming Professor Xavier’s favorite mutant. Sorry wrong franchise. Anyway, this is an affordable way to show your support and love for Improv Cincinnati.


Need some improv guidance? We’ll provide downloads of our improv guides when they are published. Right now, you’ll receive “Overcoming Fear: advice for budding improvisers”. Soon, we will release “Saving the Scene: 21 Ways to Unstick Your Improv”.


Want to Practice with IC’s Top Talent? Our Patron subscribers can now join company member rehearsals once a month. It’s an exclusive!


Prefer to watch rather than play? You’ll receive coupon codes for our performances when they go live. Sometimes there will be discounts and other times free tickets. You’ll also receive exclusive access to listen to the “Yeti or Not” podcast live as it records.

Free Download of “Overcoming Fear” Improv Guide and the other guides when they become available.

Monthly coupon codes for free, reduced, or BOGO tickets for all live shows (applicable when live shows return #covidsucks)

Join the “Yeti or Not” podcast performances LIVE (as a listener) and stay after for post show banter

Exclusive: Join Company Member Rehearsal


How does it Work?

Click “Sign Up Now” and follow the prompt to complete your transaction. After the purchase, you will receive a purchase confirmation.

No complicated contracts or hidden fees – You will be charged $10 every month, unless cancelled.


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