Improv Apprentice – Monthly Membership

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$30.00 / month

Thank you, loyal friends and students, for becoming our Apprentice. Feel the force flowing through you as you fire a “Yes And” Patronus at the dementors of fear and shame. Oops, sorry wrong franchise.


Do you want straightforward notes and helpful side coaching? The monthly improv drop-in sessions will be coached by different company members, who will each give a different perspective on how you can improve. Two hours jam-packed with scenes and tons of reps — exclusively free to our subscribers. Always the second Sunday of the month 3-5pm either at Liberty Exhibition Hall (or if the teacher prefers) over Zoom.


You want exclusive merch? We got it: sticker, poster, tote, and coffee cup. Our loyal apprentices who keep their membership going will receive a new item delivered quarterly.


Are you Yeti Or Not? Listen to the podcast performance – LIVE! You’ll receive an invite to join the cast for their bimonthly recording, and stay after as they discuss their set.


Want to Practice with IC’s Top Talent? Our Patron subscribers can now join company member rehearsals once a month. It’s an exclusive!

Free monthly improv practice session with side coaching and notes (Local Only)

Join the “Yeti or Not” podcast performances LIVE (as a listener) and stay after for post show banter

Free Download of “Overcoming Fear” Improv Guide and the other guides when they become available.

Monthly coupon codes for free, reduced, or BOGO tickets for all live shows (applicable when live shows return #covidsucks)

Exclusive: Join Company Member Rehearsal


How does it Work?

Click “Sign Up Now” and follow the prompt to complete your transaction. After the purchase, you will receive a purchase confirmation.

No complicated contracts or hidden fees – You will be charged $30 every month, unless cancelled.


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