Teens (12-18 y.o.) Karate in Burlingame

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Expect to find top level professional instruction among students eager to learn the most modern martial arts available. Learn to kick, punch, block, evade, and defend yourself with ease. Our curriculum includes forms (choreographed moves), empty hand techniques, sparring combinations, boxing combinations, weapon defense, grab defenses and much, much, more.


Learn the principles of the martial arts. Effort (diligence), Etiquette, Sincerity, Self-Control, and Character (virtue) is an example of our core principles that we teach our young adults. Build strength, coordination, flexibility, agility, and precision that only the martial arts can give. Expect to have fun and expect to achieve something awesome.


Safety is essential to USSD Burlingame. Statistically you are much less likely to be injured in the martial arts than any other organized sport. Team spirit and the understanding of safety are taught early and is developed outward from there.


Tactically effective self defense can be gained in a few short months. Shaolin Kempo, by nature, is easy to pick up and simple to understand in the early stages of training but offers a depth of training that can only be given by the most complex of the martial arts. It is a complete martial art. Teamed up with our professional and highly experienced instructors, it is powerhouse of martial knowledge.


TimeZone : (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Location Title : USSD Burlingame

Location Address : 1345 Howard Ave. - 94010

Age Group : Any Age

day of week class : monday, wednesday, friday

duration of each class : 45 Mins

Event Type : Virtual, In-Person

Selected City : San Mateo

5 reviews for Teens (12-18 y.o.) Karate in Burlingame

  1. Shea Kelly

    My daughter has thrived as a student of Greg’s for almost 2 years. He is an amazing teacher and guide, with a constant focus on safety. He’s incredible at balancing between the required instruction, while also coaching them to be responsible and respectful individuals. He cares SO much for each and every student and is very focused on their development, regardless of the experience or skill level. If I could rate him a 10 on a scale of 5, then I would!

  2. Paige Hein Cattano

    My daughter has been taking classes at USSD Burlingame since 2009. It has been a fantastic experience and we couldn’t ask for a more supportive environment. The instructors are great and the classes are challenging.

  3. Maddie Ma

    So glad we were referred to Mr Greg and USSD. This place has changed my son’s life by building confidence & courage. Mr Greg treats each of his students as if they were his own kids.

  4. Chino Baluyut

    Teaching kids the right way is always a priority at this martial arts studio.

  5. Elenita C. Silva

    Mr. Greg is very professional, accommodating and understanding. My son Edgar started with USSD 6 years ago and continues to be passionate on his karate moves. He is now part of STORM grp which helps develop discipline, responsibility and leadership.

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