Language Interpretation – 60 Mins Online

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We offer interpretations and translations for over 80 languages. Our translations and interpretations services are performed by our experienced translators and interpreters, who have experience interpreting and translating in many settings such as conferences, schools. Law firms, International Businesses, Courts, Hospitals and Medical industry, government services, and communities.


We use a variety of interpretation techniques to provide you with services for every type of consecutive or simultaneous interpretation request. To accommodate the growing demand of our clients, JILA provides a full range of interpretation services options that include on-site interpretation, telephone interpretation, and video interpretation which can be ideal for rare languages where an interpreter may not be available locally.


TimeZone : (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Location Title : Jacques International Language Academy

Location Address : 2953 W. Devon Ave. - 60659

Age Group :

day of week class : monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday

duration of each class : 60 Mins

Event Type : Virtual, In-Person

Selected City : Chicago

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