Logic Pro X Music Production Course (36-hr Course)

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The Basics

Setting up Logic and overview

Speeding up workflow and file management

Introducing the EXS 24 sampler and Ultrabeat

How to program MIDI and make some beats

All about quantize and groove

Apple loops dos and don’ts

Automation part 1

Instruments & FX

Logic’s instruments

Channel Strips dos and don’ts

Using Sculpture to craft organic sounds

Logic’s FX and MIDI FX

Using MIDI controllers


Automation part 2


Where to get samples and the law

Mapping drums, tuning, and manipulation

Chopping up loops

Getting samples into time with your song

Filtering and manipulating samples

Automation part 3



Sound Engineering and Recording Techniques

Sound waves, frequency, and amplitude

The record path and gain structure

Foldback, headphone mixes, and latency

Microphone types, makes, and polar patterns

Compiling audio takes the official way and our way

Stereo recording techniques

Arranging In Logic & Advanced Midi

Tips on key command customization

Advanced MIDI editing and hyper editing

Arrangement tools, folders, and global tracks

Flex Pitch and Flex Time

Manipulating tempo, time-stretching, and using Flex Time

Music for Media

Logic’s mixer from top to bottom

Routing tips

Sync styles, trends and typical briefs

Tempo mapping/TC markers and TC basics

Arrangement tips for orchestra and theme building/stem creation


How does it Work?

After the purchase, you’ll receive a purchase confirmation. If a start date has passed, these weekly courses start every month or two, so please sign up for the day of the week that best fits your schedule and we will be in touch as soon as possible with the detailed start date upon confirming.


TimeZone : (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Location Title : SF Garnish Music Production

Location Address : 6323 San Pablo Ave - 94608

Age Group : Adults (Age 18+)

day of week class : monday, tuesday, thursday, saturday, sunday

duration of each class : 36 Hours

Event Type : In-Person

Selected City : Oakland


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