2Day Session with 8hrs each day- Principles of Project Mgmt. Instructor-led Online Live Class

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Course Description

Principles of Project Management presents the proven techniques of project management. Our practical framework makes project management easy to understand and apply to today’s project-driven workplace.


Practical Project Management Training

Learn and practice specific techniques such as Stakeholder Analysis, Building an Action Plan, and Project Communication in class. Be able to perform every technique and explain how each technique contributes to your leadership ability and a successful project outcome.


The course provides the building blocks of project leadership. Participants learn how the project management tool set enables them to satisfy all their stakeholders — sponsors, management, customers and the project team.


Project Planning Workshop

Participants plan one of their own projects in class. It’s the best way for individuals to learn the concepts faster to transfer the learning to their job.


BONUS! Course includes self-paced eLearning to reinforce course concepts. Students will be able to access this eLearning before, during, and after the course.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Understand how project management can increase productivity, improve communication and cut development costs.

2. Understand how to consistently achieve the Five Project Success Factors using the discipline of project management.

3. Systematically apply the proven techniques of project management to define, plan and control a project.

4. Create a project plan using standard project management techniques.

5. Use the project plan to manage the team, customers, management and project sponsors.

6. Understand the relationship between the science of project management and the art of leadership.



Anyone associated with projects benefits from understanding the tools of project management. Project managers and team leaders, managers with multiple projects, and team members with special assignments will get the greatest benefit from this practical project management training.


Course Outline

I.          Why Project Management?

II.         Project Definition

III.        Project Planning

IV.        Project Control

V.         Course Summary: Project Leadership


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